Technical Services


If you have old junk system and regular maintenance problem. We will replace the old system with new present technology product. We will commission the new system without any down time of your production. You can bet on us for any Automation and electrical system upgradation.

  • Has your d Tired of spending a fortune on spare parts? Are you looking for improved performance? Tired of big company voice mail? Why not consider replacing your existing Automation and electrical system by us ?
  • Write to us on our email ID : to get solution from experienced automation system engineer who will provide you with a solution to your problems.
  • If you are able to send us a copy of your existing system , installation wiring diagram we will assist you with the changeover to the new system . If you need help on site, we will also be able to help you find an experienced service engineer.

Erection & Commissioning

We do Testing & Commissioning of most of the products mentioned below 24X7 hrs Basis. Write to us at We will revert back immediately.

  • AC/DC Drives an soft starters
  • Instrumentation
  • PLC and SCADA System
  • Intelligent PCC/MCC panels

Annual maintenance contract

We undertake AMCs for automation systems for Drives and Automation system. Nature of the AMC is customized as per the requirement of the customer and could be of comprehensive and non-comprehensive type.

For AMC we address

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Ensure proper backups
  • Proper system engineering
  • Proper system protection
  • Breakdown calls
  • Documentation
  • Spares management

The duration of the contract varys for customer to customer and can be of short term to long-term basis.

Turnkey Job Execution

Engineering, Supply, erection, installation, testing and commissioning. We Undertake Turnkey Contracts For The Following From Procurement Till completion. MOTORS- Rating Selection, Complete Erection And Commissioning.

  • DRIVES ,SOFT STARTERS, MCC/PCC system - Designing, Engineering, Rating selection, Conversion from DC to AC, Panel manufacturing, Erection & commissioning.
  • SWITCHGEAR- Designing, Engineering, Rating selection, PCC, MCC, AVR, APFC, Resistance panel manufacturing, Erection & commissioning.
  • INSTRUMENTATION- Designing, Engineering, Rating selection erection & Commissioning.
  • TRANSIENT VOLATGE SURGE SUPRRESOR- Rating selection erection & Commissioning.
  • CABLE- Designing cabling layout, Rating & length selection, Installation till charging.
  • BRAKES & CLUTCHES- Designing, Engineering, Rating selection, PCC, MCC, AVR, APFC, Resistance panel manufacturing, Erection & commissioning.
  • LIGHTING- Designing, Engineering, Rating selection, Distribution panel manufacturing, Erection & commissioning all kind of lightings

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